Kỷ niệm một thời… ?!

Một thời đã qua. Hì. Nhớ lại lại cảm thấy tràn đầy nhiệt huyết

Hi everybody! I’m tung. I’m from Bien Hoa city, an industrial city with many interesting things. Now I’m here to introduce myself to you. How are you today? Are you okay? I hope so. Are you happy? I hope so. First and foremost, I want to thank you all for listening to me today and be grateful to the admins of the box for inventing this contest. It was not until July 11th that I’d finished my speech cuz I’ve just taken the entrance exam to BachKhoaUniversity. I’m down a bit since I had some mistakes on my Maths. But… cheer! I’ve done my test at my pleasure. Haha!! ^^

Uh-uhm… yeh! Now we go to the main part of my speech. _ _ !!

I have a dream. A dream of to become an animation director. It’s true. I always have that idea on my head since my first watching anime. Code Geass, Clannad, Air, K-On and the latest is Angels beat. All have given some meanings to me. Watching anime eases my pains, encourages my soul, braves my heart. To me, all the characters have their own lives. So I wanna share my feelings, tell my story, give this “remedy” to ones like me! But… I have no idea how to create an anime that I wait and wait. Just in vain. I’d been waiting for so long a time that I was hit by the truth that it makes no difference. You cannot archive what you want without making efford. So I decided to act, stop waiting, stop being so passive. I wanna grasp my future in my hand and live for it. The more I thought of it, the more power I had. Feeling the power pours out from my hand, I have even imagined that I’d been a real director indeed. I started to seek for how to make an anime, to direct a film, to write a script and another stuffs. I taught myself drawing, using photoshop and even Adobe AE. I had a couple of day on NiO Animation but this group need some improving to run effectively. Everyone here loves animes and mangas. What do you think if Vietnam itself having an anime-like animation? Yes! It would be a revolution. I cannot say whether my dream come true or not. But to live for my own aim is really enjoyable.

These are all that I want to tell you. To anyone who wanna be succesful: Don’t be shy to claim yourself. Nothing on earth is dreadful. Think it simple: “Just do it!”. There’s nothing you can’t overcome if you only believe in. Go ahead, doubtless. And the chance will stay with you.

I know I had many mistakes on my speech but… please turn an blind eye to it. *LoL*. Thanks a lot for listening to me. I love you all. Bye bye! xD


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